Meeting with the Safer Neighbourhood Team

We attended the Police’s Safer Neighbourhood meeting at Plaistow Fire station on 25/11/2019 at 6pm. Hosted by Police Sergeant Dan Milton this was a combination of Plaistow South and Plaistow North wards.

When asked about the online post from PCSO Lauren Dixon that “during the hours of darkness … we advise you to try and use alternative routes where possible” Police Sergeant Dan Milton said he was unaware of that advice and that he did not agree with it for the section of Greenway passing through Plaistow.

We were presented with a map showing the ward boundary. There was some confusion over whether the boundary of the Plaistow North Ward is on one side of the Greenway or down the middle of the 10ft path.

Police Constable Stephen Chaplin reported instances where he had patrolled along the Greenway. It was disappointing he saw little value in doing so as “every time we patrol the Greenway and I say hello to people, no one is interested and no one acknowledges us….The public should be more aware of muggers… everyone has headphones in”.

(Apparently solely Plaistow North meetings don’t have many attendees – they might want to consider posting on their twitter feed which seemed to last have a post in May 2018, Plaistow South slightly better with their last post in Aug)

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