Crime on the Greenway raised at the Council

At the Crime and Antisocial Behaviour Scrutiny Commission meeting on Thursday 13 February 2020 at Newham Town Hall the Assistant Director Community Safety Alva Bailey responded to enquiries from the commission.

What follows is quotes from the minutes of the meeting:

Responding to Commission Members’ questions, Alva Bailey told the Commission that the antisocial behaviour and criminality around The Greenway had been investigated by the police.

Twenty-three arrests had been made in the area recently. He also told the Commission that the cameras around The Greenway and the local area were working. There was, however a problem in the Puddling Mill Lane area in terms of coverage. Officers were investigating whether the fibre optic wire could be extended in the area. This would allow Newham to operate more cameras.

Commission Members asked about the extension of the CCTV network. Alva Bailey told the Commission that Newham was working to connect 500+ local cameras to their network. This would increase the local network from 290 cameras to approximately 800. In addition, the Directorate of Community Safety was going to allocate more resources to CCTV enforcement from its budget. He also told the Commission that Newham was the local authority with the most CCTV cameras in its jurisdiction, which is a legacy of the London 2012 Olympics. The Commission was informed that regular CCTV cameras could not be used for parking enforcement.

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