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A chronological list of crimes reported across the web on social media or e-mailed into

I suspect only the tip of the iceberg as Cyclist Magazine reports “dozens of cyclists mugged on one stretch of London cycle route

21st January 2022
Source: Via E-Mail
On Friday night (19:40) I was walking back from pudding mill lane station and witnessed a really violent mugging outside the view tubes on the greenway. I managed to run around the corner and call 999 and the police actually managed to catch two of the gang involved, but it was terrifying.

22nd December 2021
Source: Nextdoor
Green way bike thieves 3 young boys. Tonight I was driving down the green way about 6pm to my mums in tumarsh Lane E13 when 3 boys where in the middle of the path on the green way as you head towards Newham Hospital a white boy tried to push me off my scooter he had two freinds with him think they may have Been mixed race or black they was definitely trying to take my scooter so please be careful if your riding your bike or scooter down the green way theses boys are dangerous.

22nd December 2021
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
I was attacked on the greenway yesterday evening (around 17:30) near Balaam road. 4 lads blocked the path. One pushed me off and tried to steal my ride. I wouldn’t let go he said he had a knife and would stab me. He was trying to get it from his body bag and fortunately a man appeared I shouted to him and the lad ran off. If that man is on here thank you very much you were amazing and very kind.

17th March 2021
Souce: Nextdoor & Via E-mail
I was cycling along the greenway (around Channelsea House) today at 6.50pm when two male adults about 5’9 to 6 foot blocked the cycle lane and tried to mug me. I managed to get away.
Reported it to the police but no cctv about.

11th February 2021
Source: E-mailed in
I was robbed on the Greenway last Thursday, 11th Feb 2021, on the evening around 5:15pm, just after sunset. Two boys probably on their late teens or early 20s, with heights of around 6 feet stopped my bike from both the sides and said to give them the bike. I got off the bike, continued holding it and was trying to assess the situation as people were walking around 100 meters away when one of them pushed me. I still continued holding onto it and the other one threatened me saying something like they just want the bike and they would not do anything to me if I let them have it (can’t recall exactly). His hands were inside his jacket and I could see him holding something. I got scared on that threat and let go off the bike. One of them took my bike and the other ran after him celebrating.

Police said that the incident happened on the place where there was no CCTV, so they can’t help me. I feel horrible. After the incident I found on internet that it’s so common on the greenway. I think if police would give a list of places where they can’t provide security, public could avoid them. Or if we could be a little more courageous and helpful to each other, then probably these robbers would also be little scared.

7th January 2021
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
I nearly got robbed, cycling down the greenway tonight around 8:45pm , 2 guys on 1 scooter, coming from the opposite direction, turned his lights on few meters away, he pulls his hand out and trys to push me off my bike, i managed to keep my balance and cycled off really fast didn’t want to look back incase they were behind me. Be vigilant and avoid going by yourself. I won’t be using the greenway at night..

11th November 2020
Source: Newham Community Notice Board
The thieves were out on The Greenway last night. About 9pm.They stand about 30 metres apart. You go past one and he scans you and decides if you’ll be easy prey. He then speaks to his colleague thirty meters away and gives a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.At this point I start acting like a maniac singing and dancing on my scooter and my blood is pumping, I’m wondering what category he’s assigned me too. I can’t turn back my mind is just racing now, I am unwittingly looking for movements in the dark. I then see movements and I see the colleague. He stands in the arse hole of the darkness and has plenty of road to run to once a violent robbery has taken place. He wears dark shades. We stare at each other, I’m singing a song, in fact I’m shouting a song. The bastard looks like the devil.But….. his original colleague has placed me in the ‘no’ category (all 6’2 of me).The cowardice c***s.Be careful.

July 2020
Source: Nextdoor Comments
My son (12 at the time) was stopped on the greenway in July last year on his way home from school. Im a key NHS worker so he was still at school during lockdown. As he had nothing of any value on him the perpetrator smashed his glasses so he had to cycle home quite slowly as he couldn’t see. My neighbour contacted me at work to let me know what happened and I reported it to the police. They took statements, came to visit to make sure he was OK.

He tried to cycle to school again a week later and he made it by keeping up with the adult riders in the morning. However come home time, his nerves got the better of him and the school called me to pick him up. Needless to say, he’s now 13 and had not been on the greenway since. The police did say that there are gangs of youths operating on the greenway sometimes disguising themselves as joggers or cyclists looking for lone people that they cam rob. I was happy for my son to ride to school as he wasn’t on the road.

I thought it was safe, how wrong was I.

3rd July 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Please b carefull down buy the green ways as some1 I no was attacked this morning on there way back from work !! The person was rideing bike with head phones on there were 3 men who appeared from no wear asking for cigarettes the person just carried on then was set upon as they tried to rob him of the bike and persetions some stuff got damaged but he fought them off he was hit on the head with somethink but managed to get away this is absolutely disscusting please b aware people !!!!this happend near Lonsdale Avenue green way !!!!

11th June 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Some young guys were carrying a knife down the Channelsea River path (just off the greenway at abbey road) at about 5pm last night .[On the 11th] idn’t see them personally but was diverted away by two other guys who were on the phone to the police.

18th May 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
There was a male and female walking together who were mugged by a man with a knife yesterday evening greenway near upper road.

8th May 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
My neighbour was on her own. And they Took her brand new bike. they kick her off it. Did not take her Phone or her bag they just Wanted her bike

8th April 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Just a heads up. I was just cycle commuting home on the Greenway and was, I believe, nearly mugged. I was heading from Stratford towards Beckton and had just crossed Upper Road and rejoined the Greenway, when I spotted a large group of 8 to10 late teens/early 20s black males, walking slowly towards me, about 50 metres ahead. I initially carried on towards them but saw that they checked over their shoulders and started drifting across onto the grass towards me (where I was cycling to give them room as they were taking up the full width of the pavement), spreading out. I slammed my brakes on and did a quick U-turn and took a detour to join the Greenway at Balaam Street, where I flagged down a police car and informed them of this. This happened around 17:45.
Having been attacked twice on the Greenway previously, I can recognise their tell signs (walking very slowly, spread out, checking over the shoulders then gradually drifting towards you); and partly as I have seen them many times in recent months. As the Greenway was busy with walkers, runners and cyclists this afternoon getting their daily exercise,I thought an attack was highly unlikely. But at that particular point there was no one else around.
It goes without saying that a group of that size goes against government guidelines on social distancing. Just be vigilant, and if you experience similar, turnaround quickly and take a detour.

10th March 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Another incident again tonight on the greenway— this time someone in foot by a gang of youths fitting a similar description to previous incidents. We saw the person who had been attacked at the Stratford high street entrance and they were on phone to police. We cycled with another cyclist and saw the group of youths by the new ramp connecting abbey road to greenway by the channel sea river. Maybe four or more of them. This was about 45mins ago

5th March 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
This morning 3 young black teenagers (wearing all black) robbed me while I was on my way to work in my electric scooter in Green Way. The one guy chase started in Barking Road and ended up in Green Way (in the bridge near channelsea house) with him grabbing my scooter and asking random questions while waiting less than a minute for the other two. As soon they arrived, one of them took the scooter off of my hands and went away (to the direction we came from). Immediately called the police and they arrived in 10 minutes. This all to spread the message that police asked me to: Do not use Green Way these days, it’s very dangerous, specially the part before West Ham with no CCTV.

4th March 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
had to leave greenway heading east from Stratford High St at the Canning Road exit –– large group of 5–6 young men in black puffa jackets with hoods waiting around at the barriers on the east side of the crossing. Concerned as they fit description of last week’s knifepoint mugging in the same area. It’s also pouring with rain, and they didn’t seem to be doing anything other than waiting

3rd March 2020
Source: Nextdoor Post
Around 3.30/45 yesterday a group of youth were trying to mug cyclists on the greenway by the cemetery. As usual I did not stop while cycling and warned other cyclists, unfortunately it is not the first time it happen in recent weeks/months
This time they blocked the path and waved (4 or 5 of them ) last summer 2 times in a week they blocked the path (8 of them) and one of them poked/pushed me with crutches ( I almost felt). Always happening when they are coming out of school or school holidays when the weather is nice, you will never see them when it’s raining!!!! I ride on the greenway all the time at anytime sometime even after midnight. I do never stop, the day I will stop I think it will be another story, someone will get injured.

2nd March 2020
Source: Tweet
Be careful on the #Greenway in East Ham London tonight – my landlord has had his bike stolen from him and a knife drawn on him. @MPSNewham
The robbers panicked and fled with the bike. My landlord attempted to call the poilice but was redirected to Met’s online reporting service
Nothing 2 do with motorbikes – this incident involved youths using those access gates to prevent the victim from avoiding his assailants forcing him off his bicycle to threaten him with knife & steal his cycle

26th February 2020
Source: Greenway Petition
I was attacked today 26/02/20 by a group of 6 black young males that wanted to steal my valuables, there was no police patrolling the area and no cameras on clear sight.

25th February 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Just heard from my partner who just cycled along Greenway from Old Ford to Plaistow –– someone just (c. 2:30pm) got mugged by knifepoint by three teens in black puffer jackets and hoods, on the Greenway near the West Ham path where the steps are (near the Manor Road bridge). They mentioned that it seemed as if the victim had been cut in the face. Someone was already seeing to them – and they’ve now gone to the Police. Be careful all.

17th January 2020
Source: Twitter Post
sorry to say same section of greenway is sectioned off tonight. Spoke to police officers who said there has been a spate of robberies. Advise is not to travel down this particular section when dark. Really worrying. The guy you mentioned previously got in touch with us. He said rhe police said his was the 4th attack in a few days. It’s unfortunate that the only action available to them is to close this valuable route across the borough.

16th January 2020
Source: Nextdoor
Yesterday evening around 6pm I was coming from work by bike I was robbed and beaten by 12 young lads on greenway near Newham hospital. I reported to police at the same time while I was in hospital for treatment, another guy brought by ambulance to hospital same story like mine by the same lads

16th January 2020
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Mugging evening on the greenway today. Group of 12! Saw a few attempted ones and aware of at least two where they stole bike and phone. I Heard help cries and called police. Happened nearThe Greenway bit near Brampton Manor academy going East. When I noticed them I was still near newham General. They were blocking the path ca 75-100m from greenway gates and walked eastward. Happened around 1740. As mentioned it looked like they were wearing school uniforms.

13th January 2020
Source: Twitter Post
Just come off the Greenway saw back end of attack. 15 youths attacked pedestrian for phone. Two fellow cyclists stopped to assist. Can you circulate to warn others please. Really upsetting that this route is becoming so troublesome.
It was the section after Balaam street. Coming down from Stratford on your right there is a small gate to access some houses, they were running through there after th
e attack.

10th January 2020
Source: News Article
I was cycling home to East Ham and the attack took place near West Ham station. A group of around 10 guys pushed me off my bike, and punched and kicked me on the floor. Along with the bike they stole my phone and passport.”
He reported it to the police, who told him five days later that there was nothing they could do. Though there was a CCTV camera beside where the incident occurred, not all are operational. Sadly the victim hasn’t cycled since.

17th December 2019
Source: Newsletter to Barts Health Staff posted on Greenway Users FB Group
A member of staff has reported being assaulted and robbed on the way home by bike. The attack resulted in the person suffering two fractures after the attackers pushed her off a moving bicycle and took her possessions where the Olympic Park meets Hackney Marshes. The person would now like to warn other cyclists to stay vigilant especially along canal paths

22nd November 2019
Source: Stratford Police Tweet
One male behind bars tonight when caught in mid flow robbing a male on the Greenaway. Subject searched and found with an offensive weapon

21st November 2019
Source: Twitter Post
Please be careful using the Greenway in the E15 2PJ postcode due to attempt bike theft student @BMooreAcademy and attempt robbery hackney wick end further down the Greenway

17th November 2019 at 18:30
Location: Stratford to West Ham Section
The author of this blog was riding towards West Ham and was stopped by two young men at knifepoint. One of them stayed with me whilst the other went with my bike to the cash point to attempt to withdraw money. At least 6 people walked past but did not intervene or attempt to call the police from a safe distance.

1st November 2019
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
I was cycling on the greenway tonight and had a scary experience and wanted to alert people to the particular area this happened. I had come up the steep(ish) cycle hill from pudding mill DLR onto the new opened bit of greenway before the high street.
A group of about 6 people were standing across the path with hoods up and as I cycled towards them one moved directly in front of my bike and shouted for me to (in his words) ‘stop brov stop’. I was scared as I was alone and this area is very dark so cycled fast towards them shouting fuck off then heard one say ‘it’s a woman’ and they moved back. It may have been nothing but was quite frightening so I reported to police.

23rd October 2019
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
a friend of ours and his girlfriend were mugged last night around 19:00 on The Greenway. 6 hooded kids on bikes confronted them with a telescopic baton, took their phones and wallet / purse, then punched him to the ground and kicked him when he was down. There was mention of them having a “shank”.
The police attended to take statements but declined to go to the scene of the crime.
Have also heard that around an hour before this, another mugging took place by the canal.

3rd September 2019
Source: Hackney Cyclist Blog Comments
A mate of mine just got bike jacked, look out for a pair of black teenagers with just one bike, it is the get away bike, they were also after his phone but did not pull a knife.

23rd August 2019
Source: Hackney Cyclist Blog Comments
I was mugged and bike stolen on this route a week ago, just past the Statford High Street. This was at 4pm in broad daylight. Rode in a police van looking for the suspects for 30 mins and towards the end of the ride the police got a call saying someone else had been mugged for their bike further East on the Greenway. Avoid at all costs. This route is not properly policed and the CCTV is useless. What a disaster.

17th July 2019
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Mugging just happened on the Greenway between Upper Road and Memorial Recreation Ground exits, Plaistow. Three kids on a moped with face masks: we saw them exit the Greenway down the West Ham ramp exit. They stole a phone from a pedestrian. Police have been called by another passer-by.

12th July 2019
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Not wanting to cause worry, but…
There were young lads dressed in black blocking the Greenway with their bikes this morning next to the West Ham playing fields. About 6:45am. Beware, cyclists.

I saw a similar group on Wednesday morning at about 7.45 am. two on bikes and two on foot, deliberately blocking the way. They let me pass, but given some of the recent reports it made me concerned as I approached them.

3rd July 2019
Source: Little Biker Boyz FB Page
the greenway after 5pm is not safe to ride on over the last 7 months that we know of 22 people have had their bikes taken from them by a group of 4 to 5 boys carrying anything from baseball bats to knives
They mainly smash glass on the path waiting for you to come along and get a punter then take your bike
On Monday eve brother John from the local church was one of their victims the bike was his only means of transportation so we supplied him with another bike for free .they have no morals they don’t care who they rob the police are aware but do nothing apart from put a small sign up PLEASE LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW AND TRY TO CHANGE YOUR ROUTE HOME the main section is between barking road and balaam street

2nd July 2019
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Muggers on the Greenway this afternoon, watch out around West Ham Abbey Road area.
There were a gang of mabye 8 young men who were hiding around the gates of the pumping station section near Abbey Road exit, I saw them running toward West Ham section where there were a few more guys who had obviously signalled to each other that cyclists were coming. One guy had a stick, that was in fact a crutch , he was swinging it about and intending to knock off passing cyclists.

Same gang mugged a guy on the ramp down to Manor Rd at approx 5.15. Broad daylight and quite a few people about. At least 8 youths in black hoodies acting with impunity due to weight of numbers.

26th June 2019
Source: E-mailed in
I was mugged by a group of about 6 black lads, 16-20 years old I’d say. It was just at the beginning of the greenway, near Vicky park just after it crosses the River Lea. One steps out with a balaclava on, its broad day light and I can’t believe he’s gonna mug me but he blocks the way so I speed up and try to cycle past him while his mates all come out of the side too. He pushes me off and I go down hard. Before I can get up all of them lay in to me, kicking me on the floor for about half a minute. My helmet was ruined from the beating, nose and eye socket bruised – but they only want my wallet and leave me with a carbon bike, a brand new iPhone and laptop in my backpack. They use one of my credit cards to buy £29 of things at a nearby corner shop immediately after. The police and an ambulance turn up in about 30 minutes but apparently there’s nothing they can do due to no cctv of the attack.
The kids clearly just wanted money for booze or cigs but I was lucky to escape with limited injuries. Needed a cranial CT scan due to a major headache and some medication I’m on, I was lucky that I got to keep my bike.

3rd December 2019
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
On Friday night I had a reasonably nasty incident at the very Stratford end of the Greenway, where I was pushed off of my bike. While I didn’t lose any possessions, I did get a reasonable head wound. It was half 6 in the evening, and entirely dark by that time, but not exactly late.

December 2018
Happened to me dec 2018, about 9pm, Statford section, a gang of three, lucky i got away, reported to Met.

5th August 2018
Source: Twitter
@MPSPlaistowSth just witnessed a mugging on the Greenway. Guy on bike nicked a phone from a man with his young daughter. Is there a plan to address this kind of opportunistic crime on the Greenway?

July 2018
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
I was assaulted in July at 6.15am towards the Beckton end of the greenway & once again the camera was pointing up 😡

May 2018
Source: Via e-mail
I live in Newham Borough, i been cycling for about 7 years from Hackney to Newham for commute work and home.
I love cycling, I even cycled when the greenway was closed in the night at that time, i had to lift up the bike and jump to pass it through.
As I work evening shift I finish quite late in the night so for me cycling in the night to home was like wind down after work.
I been robbed my bike in the Newham borough from a group of young boys, they pushed me on floor from the bike and kicked me on the floor and took the bike and one of them was following me saying that he is gonna stab me. that happened in May 2018.
I reported to the police all whats happen they came the next day at my home asked some questions and that was all.
As I said I love cycling I didn’t want to give up cycling my commute so i thought whats happen to me after 7 years couldn’t happen again.
I started cycling as normally again and going on the greenway, just after a month of the robbery I got on the front of me on Greenway a bunch of boys on bikes with mask on, waiting for me to pass in the middle of them to attack me. I run through the grass to avoid them and started ride as fast as I could {like a rabbit }as one of them chased me until the end of the greenway.

Since that experience I am paying a ticket extra daily to go home safe, as the the greenway is not safe.

February 2018
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
Hi all, I just wanted to give evening users of the Greenway a heads-up. My Surly Crosscheck (pictured) was stolen off me last night on the Greenway by a couple of masked lowlife. It happened at 7:35pm opposite the rugby fields near the East London Crematorium and Cemetery: I was pushed off my bike then attacked with a baseball bat.
This is a repeat of an incident at 7:40pm on 13th February, where I managed to get away with my bike, but two other cyclists who were attacked immediately after me had their bikes stolen by the same perpetrators (according to the police. There were 3 of them on that occasion and it happened on the stretch between Upper Road and Balaam Street). Given my recent previous experience, I was vigilant as I cycled along last night but didn’t see them until it was too late rounding the bend by the graffiti bridge; they wear all black and make themselves hard to spot. In my opinion, the works currently being carried out on the Greenway that navigate you off the path and over the grass play into their hands, as it forces you to slow right down.
The police informed me both last night and previously that this is now a regular occurrence

November 2017
Source: Greenway Users FB Group
I was cycling along in November last year and three lads tried to push me off my bike. A short one, fat one and a tall one. Just before the first bridge on the straight from Stratford end around 7.30pm
I managed to stay on and then further up there was a guy holding his arm. He’d been pushed off, they’d taken his bike and ridden it around a bit and then given it back – got hurt in the process.
I phoned the police and the next couple of days saw evening patrols – so they did respond to that at least.

And at least 22 others!

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