Newham Councillor reacts to “Appalling” levels of crime on the Greenway

On Saturday 7th March 2020 I raised the issue of crime on the Greenway at the Newham Councillors surgery at Plaistow Library. 

I spoke with Cllr Zulfiqar Ali who kindly offered to raise the issues mentioned with Cllr Daniel Lee-Phakoe (Chair of the Crime and Antisocial Behaviour Scrutiny Commission) and Cllr James Beckles (Cabinet Member for Crime and Community Safety).

Cllr Ali was shown a copy of the Crime Log available on the Greenway Action Group website and was “appalled” at its contents.  He said the Council were trying to encourage and promote use of their flagship route, but crime was a “big issue”. 

When advised that crime could not be recorded on the Greenway due to a lack of a postcode, he commented that they should come up with a way to be able to record crime.

We discussed the responsibility the council has in terms of policing strategy and Cllr Ali advised that the council were very much at the protection end rather than enforcement which was the remit of the Met Police. 

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