Greenway: In the Media

A collection of articles about the Greenway in the Media. Have you seen something we should include? Then e-mail

Police break up illegal rave on Newham Greenway

The Newham Recorder reports an illegal Saturday Night party that was held on the Greenway during Lockdown.

The newspaper reports “Revellers were forced to stop partying on a stretch of the Greenway near the A13 in Newham after the police were called at about 11.50pm on Saturday, July 4.”

Peaceful protest takes place in response to crime wave on Newham Greenway

The Newham Recorder reports on the peaceful protest that took place on Feb 24th 2020
The protest was organised by Newham Cyclists and supported by Newham Dog Community, with both groups very concerned about the safety of the public pathway.

“Dozens of cyclists mugged on one stretch of London cycle route”

Online journal “Cyclists” reports on 25th October 2019 that “Dozens of cyclists mugged on one stretch of London cycle route”
One bike shop manager claims that a single stretch of the Greenway cycle path that travels between Stratford and Beckton, part of which forms TfL’s Quietway 22 cycle path, has been the site of 22 muggings within a period of several months.
“Criminals do not seem to restrict their attacks solely to quiet periods of the night, as incidents also appear to happen during daylight hours.”

“Gangs lie in wait to target lone cyclists for bikes”

Mark Blunden reports in the Evening Standard on the 4th March 2020 about spate of muggings and robberies along cycle routes around london.

He reports “New Met figures reveal a near 13 per cent rise in such robberies last year, and incidents in one borough soared by more than 200 per cent.”
LCC infrastructure campaigner Simon Munk said: “I was riding along the Greenway, suddenly there’s loads of people on mopeds with metal bars riding after me, so I’m pelting it for my life, and managed luckily to get away.
Another rider, a man in his thirties targeted on the same stretch, said: “A group of around 10 teenagers was waiting for someone to pass… I was thrown off and beaten until they got my bike and phone. Luckily I only got some bruises and a couple of scrapes.”

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