Video: Two Women Attacked and Robbed on The Greenway

Video dated Oct 28, 2019 showing attack

A video posted in October 2019 to Youtube shows a dramatic attack on two women on the Greenway. The Olympic stadium provides the backdrop for this clip which shows at least one woman on the floor screaming for help.

Video uploader James comments:
“I heard screaming so I used my camera to zoom in and see what was happening. Once I understood the situation, I ran to the scene and managed to flag down a Police car on route. Two young women were kicked and punched by a gang of youths.”


  1. This is from almost a year ago. I walk the greenway daily at the moment and I guess my observation is it is VERY busy with lots of people using and I personally have never felt safeer walking or cycling along it alone. Is there any up to date information about current levels of crime on the greenway in which I can base a judgement about my using it. The greenway action group should be actively encouraging people to use this community space- all I see are negative stories that scare people


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Shorty I will be publishing an article about crime stats. The police simple refuse to release them (indeed having just sent me a 16 page, 6000+ word letter explaining just that.)

      If you have positive stories about the Greenway feel free to e-mail in and we can publish them. My time is rather stretched atm so I tend to publish “easy” articles so to speak

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  2. thank you! – i will send some stuff for you in the next week or two. I think it is transforming but also understand the needs for data from the police – will be back in touch


  3. During summer this place is buzzing with life and is safe. However during late autumn and winter this place is not safe by any mean. I hope they can have cctv in operation to protect normal people.


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