A blog detailing progress in making the Greenway a safe and pleasant route through Newham

Blighted by a series of muggings and attacks the Greenway is no longer fulfilling its ambition of being a safe place for residents and visitors to travel along.  Straddled between 5 Police Safer Neighbourhood wards this blog aims to document and stimulate a co-ordinated approach between the different stakeholders involved.

Police identify and arrest suspected Greenway Robbers

According to a Tweet published by Newham Police on Jan 6th 2022 “Several suspects have been identified, who we believe are involved in robberies on the Greenway“. “We have made some arrests this morning & our investigations continue.” The tweet concludes. Enquires have been made to Newham MPS and we were told “the investigation is … More

Police Appeal for Witnesses

According to a post by PC Chaplin on the Next Door website the Police are currently looking for witnesses to a Sexual Assault said to have occurred on the Greenway and at Plaistow Tube Station in November 2021. The appeal reads as follows: WITNESS APPEAL. On THURSDAY 25th NOVEMBER 2021, in the morning between 07:30 … More

Video: Two Women Attacked and Robbed on The Greenway

A video posted in October 2019 to Youtube shows a dramatic attack on two women on the Greenway. The Olympic stadium provides the backdrop for this clip which shows at least one woman on the floor screaming for help. Video uploader James comments:“I heard screaming so I used my camera to zoom in and see … More

Greenway: In the Media

A collection of articles about the Greenway in the Media. Have you seen something we should include? Then e-mail media@greenwayactiongroup.co.uk “Police break up illegal rave on Newham Greenway“ The Newham Recorder reports an illegal Saturday Night party that was held on the Greenway during Lockdown. The newspaper reports “Revellers were forced to stop partying on … More

Newham Needs Your Ideas!

“Newham Council want to hear your ideas for making our streets better for social distancing, walking and cycling.” The GreenwayActionGroup encourages you to submit ideas for improvements on the Greenway.  These could include: Funds for an Full Environmental Audit for the Greenway Improving crossing points Better CCTV monitoring Renewed focus for safety on the Greenway … More

Robbery up 200% but police insist Greenway is safe

Newham Councils Crime and Antisocial Behaviour Scrutiny Commission “CASBC” met on Thursday 12th March 2020 to discuss among other things crime on the Greenway.  The focus on the Greenway seems to have been prompted by Richard Stevenson’s Greenway Petition; Newham Cyclists recent protest ride and lobbying of local councillors by their concerned constituents. Police Inspector … More

FOI request sent to Newham Council + Met Police

This is the FOI request sent to Newham Council on 7th March 2020: Please consider my questions as requests under the Freedom of Information Act. With regards to the CCTV camera with reference number 6028 located on the Greenway: 1) In the last 12 months (or other suitable timeframe at your discretion):a. How many access … More

Crime Log

A chronological list of crimes reported across the web on social media or e-mailed into crime@greenwayactiongroup.co.uk I suspect only the tip of the iceberg as Cyclist Magazine reports “dozens of cyclists mugged on one stretch of London cycle route 21st January 2022Source: Via E-MailOn Friday night (19:40) I was walking back from pudding mill lane … More

Crime on the Greenway raised at the Council

At the Crime and Antisocial Behaviour Scrutiny Commission meeting on Thursday 13 February 2020 at Newham Town Hall the Assistant Director Community Safety Alva Bailey responded to enquiries from the commission. What follows is quotes from the minutes of the meeting: Responding to Commission Members’ questions, Alva Bailey told the Commission that the antisocial behaviour … More

Police: Knife found on caught Robber on the Greenway

The local policing team for Stratford and New Town reported on their twitter feed on November 22nd that:“One male behind bars tonight when caught in mid flow robbing a male on the Greenaway. Subject searched and found with an offensive weapon. “ A subsequent post shows “the weapon found on male who was arrested for … More

Over 500 sign petition to stop muggings on the Greenway

Sign the petition at Change.org Set up by Richard Stevenson, also the admin on the Facebook group ‘Greenway Users’ the petition calls “on Newham Council and the Metropolitan Police to work together to ensure that there is a properly resourced strategy to keep users of the Greenway safe at all times of day.”

Police Advice

From PCSO Lauren Dixon, Newham Police “Dear residents, There has been a rise in the number of robberies reported along the Greenway. Please be careful when you are using the Greenway during the hours of darkness. We advise you to try and use alternative routes where possible. Remain vigilant when you are wearing headphones and … More

Meeting with the Safer Neighbourhood Team

We attended the Police’s Safer Neighbourhood meeting at Plaistow Fire station on 25/11/2019 at 6pm. Hosted by Police Sergeant Dan Milton this was a combination of Plaistow South and Plaistow North wards. When asked about the online post from PCSO Lauren Dixon that “during the hours of darkness … we advise you to try and … More

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